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Welcome to my website! I write novels for people who like a good yarn.

I hope you enjoy reading about my novels, and maybe a bit about me - what my journey was to becoming a writer, and why I do it. Perhaps you might even be tempted to buy a copy of one of my books, which can be ordered worldwide in either paperbook or eBook format through any independent bookshop, or through Amazon.

Enjoy my site, feel free to email me any comments, and check out my facebook page -






































A fast-paced thriller, DEVIOUS twists and turns in a romp around the globe, from Adelaide to Paris, Malta, Stockholm, Madrid and London.

In Europe on a business development trip, a young Australian entrepreneur soon finds that no one is quite who they seem.  He is drawn deeper and deeper into events as he gradually realises that he is in mortal danger.  As the bodies start to appear, he urgently needs to find a way through the web of deceit. He decides to fight back, urged on by an Australian government agent ― a stunning young woman who soon starts to tug at his heartstrings. Can they both survive the maelstrom? 

Published by CROOK BOOKS (, and now available worldwide through any independent bookshop. ISBN 978-0-9943867-2-4

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A feel-good, light-hearted genre-bending crime/adventure caper, it is a story of fraud, and of ordinary people being driven to do uncharacteristically risky things in pursuit of redress. It is based in South Australia, and centres around the art world and a government-sponsored high technology industry. It is full of ambiguous and interesting characters, none of whom are entirely good or entirely bad - just like real life!!

Published by CROOK BOOKS (, and available worldwide through any independent bookshop. ISBN 978-0-9943867-0-0.

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An interview from the Peter Goers show on Radio 891 Adelaide, Tuesday 10th November 2015 can be heard here.







One man's summer holiday on the Mediterranean idyll of Gozo begins with a minor hiccup but quickly gets back on track as he meets and bonds with a recently bereaved widow and her teenage daughter, Grace. But the lazy, happy days don't last as a familiar face from the past arrives on the scene – and an unexpected and shocking death follows. Was it an accident? The police think so, but Fletch and Grace suspect it was not. They team up to investigate, and the more they uncover, the closer things get to home. After another death no one feels safe while they uncover a web of old family secrets — which leads them inexorably to the terrible truth.

Published by CROOK BOOKS (, and available worldwide through any independent bookshop, or though Amazon in either paperback or Kindle format.

ISBN 978-0-9943867-4-8








A delightful romp as our country police sergeant puzzles out several cases — from simple theft all the way to murder!
His journey takes him from the heights of joy to the depths of despair — and then back again as he cracks case after case, all the while pursued by female love interests.
This is a 'feel-good' tale, full of colourful characters.

Published by CROOK BOOKS (, and available worldwide through any independent bookshop, or though Amazon in either paperback or Kindle format.

ISBN 978-0-9943867-6-2












I spent the first sixty years my life preparing to be a fiction writer, and the last few being one. In my mid-twenties a failure of courage caused me to abandon my first attempt at a novel. I quickly understood the enormity of the undertaking, and I think I realised I needed to live a bit more first - an accurate insight as it turned out!

Born in outback Quorn, South Australia and raised in Adelaide, I dropped out of an electronics degree course and hit the road, doing all sorts of jobs - some fun, some not fun at all - including the mandatory grape picking, talc mining, car assembly, waiting-on, ditch-digging, sewing up bags in a flour mill, and bar work. I soon turned up in the UK, where I set up as a self-taught furniture designer and maker, having some fun and finding some satisfaction, but it didn't pay the bills. As I started to take on construction-site carpentry jobs to earn some decent money, an influential encounter led me to decide to make a complete change and use my knowledge of electronics to embark on a new career in the IT industry.

At this point I attempted my first novel in my spare (!) time. As a way of getting ahead, I had also started doing property renovations, if they can be called that: they included converting a Victorian village school into a house, and restyling and doubling the size of a few houses.    

My career took off, as I turned out to be pretty good in the corporate IT world. I rose up the ranks, managing large organisations on the way, until I gravitated towards international business. I variously managed the company business in Scandinavia, the Benelux countries, Turkey, The Middle East and Africa, working for American mainframe-computer and enterprise-software companies. This was a great period of my life, as I spent most of my time ‘in territory’ getting to really know and understand various cultures in a way that is not possible as a casual visitor. I was dealing with ‘Oil & Gas’, Automotive, Aerospace, Shipbuilding and Defence clients, and learned an enormous amount about how these global industries operate, what their 'drivers' are, and about the strengths and foibles of different cultures. I later account-managed and developed business within the big-name global players in Oil & Gas, Defence and Pharmaceuticals, creating opportunities and stitching together enterprise-wide deals.

As an avid reader, I used all of the hours spent sitting in aeroplanes to the full!

Along the way, I managed to marry and have two wonderful children who are also blessed (or cursed!) with a love of travel, but after my long marriage unfortunately failed, I was ready for a complete change of country and career, so decided to return to Adelaide to do an architecture degree - and had a ball! I soon met my paramour, a wonderful artist and fashionista (click here to see her work), and we've now had a fabulous fifteen years together.

After completing my degree and a couple of years’ internship, I went through the registration board exams to officially become an architect. I then set up my own architectural practice, but between projects it gradually dawned on me that the biggest part of my heart lay elsewhere.

In hindsight, I don’t know what the trigger was, but I slowly found myself thinking about writing, which lead to me devising characters, and planning a plot, and thinking about the ‘feel’ and style of a book. It went from there, and I quickly fell in love with the whole process of creating a work of fiction: I found that I loved writing, day-by-day, every day. It’s what I want to do, and it is what I now do, wearing out keyboards planning and writing stories.

Having just published my latest novel "One Summer In Gozo", I am now working on my next, which is a family drama/saga set in South Australia with a good dose of crime and mayhem thrown in. Please keep checking my website, my Facebook page or my Instagram page for details.

Somehow or other, I also found time to do other silly things with which I repeatedly punctuated my life, including racing formula cars, flying ultralights and scuba diving all over the world: experiences and knowledge which I hope may help to flesh out future novels.

I now try to restrict myself to reading, travel (Covid-19 allowing), conversing, playing the sax, scuba and most importantly, writing. 









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